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Perinatal counseling

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Becoming pregnant, carrying a child, giving birth, and bringing a baby home are all life-changing experiences, and it’s perfectly normal for women to need extra support during those times. These life events can come with a mix of emotions and a variety of needs that leave many women and their families feeling like they could use some additional support. I provide support in areas such as: - Starting a family (fertility issues, surprise pregnancy, deciding to terminate a pregnancy) - Navigating pregnancy (anxiety, depression, unexpected medical issues, pregnancy loss or termination) - Difficult or traumatic birth experience - Perinatal mood disorders (postpartum depression/anxiety, postpartum obsessive compulsive disorder, postpartum bipolar disorder, postpartum psychosis) - Bringing baby home challenges (feeding, sleep deprivation, balancing parental duties, returning to work) - Intrusive thoughts / Postpartum OCD - Balancing physical activity and rest - Caring for yourself - Changing roles, relationships, and sexuality - Feeding yourself well

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