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Nursing Newborn


I provide in-person support and guidance to help you reach your infant feeding goals. The clinic is located in Hardwood/ Bayly, Ajax.

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In person Lactation Consultation Details

At your visit I am committed to provide you with a written plan, summary of session discussions and recommendations.

After your visit I am committed to provide you with your invoice with additional resources and ongoing breastfeeding support (for 2 weeks) over text and email.

Fees (please note that 24 hours is required to cancel a breastfeeding appointment):

  • $95+HST for a 1 hour visit

  • $145 +HST for a 1.5 hour 


  • You are not enjoying your breastfeeding experience

  • You are experiencing breast or nipple pain

  • You are suffering from blocked ducts or mastitis

  • Your baby is not latching well or at all

  • Your baby is not gaining weight

  • You are wondering if you are producing enough milk

  • Your baby was born before his / her due date

  • You are supplementing your baby with formula/breast milk

  • You suspect your baby may have a tongue tie

  • You need to express and store your milk

  • You are returning to work and require support to continue breastfeeding

  • You hear yourself or others saying “breastfeeding is too difficult”

OHIP covered consult

If OHIP covered support is more what you are looking for, ask for a referral to or fax to 905 686 6788.  Through this clinic with a valid referral for you and your baby (or just you if this is a prenatal appointment) I can see you along with a pediatrician in a clinic setting.  

  • Doctor's, Midwife's, or Nurse Practitioner's 'Referral' is required prior to booking the initial visit.

  • 45 min session virtual or in person.

  •  Patients can usually be seen within 24-48 hours. By appointment only.

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